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All work done in house by Wally Hostetter
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P.O. Box 404
San Mateo, Florida 32187
Home Phone: 386.649.0731

Welcome to my sword site. All that you see is handcrafted by me on  site. I will make custom repairs to your old sword, or forge a new one and custom design it for you with your requests.

Remember as you browse through the site, all work is original and handmade. Prices may vary upon the materials you choose, blade dimensions, and how much customization required. If you have any questions regarding my products or price, please contact me in the ways listed above, or submit the form below.   I will gladly answer any questions you may have about my work.

This site is a representation of the various aspects of my work on all parts of the sword, from blade to the fuchi, and everything in between.

If you have any questions about any of my designs or prices, please feel free to contact me as I am excited to talk about my craft. Some items on the site have already been sold but are still visible to give you an idea of my work. Others are available for sale. I try to keep my prices reasonable for my customers.

I do not accept PAYPAL or credit/debit cards – NO EXCEPTIONS

Payment Policy

Once a restoration project is accepted no payment up front required. The project will progress in the order it is received. When said project is finished client will be notified. Payment is expected within 30 days. Failure to complete payment could results in a forfeiture of said project and it will be posted for sale to complete transaction unless an agreement was made prior with Wally Hostetter prior to the transaction. Unfortunately I do not have the capability to hold onto projects awaiting payment. I feel the waiting period given is ample time to gather the funds for final payment of the work completed. Without prompt payments we could not remain in business.

Please note that restoration payments should only be made via wire transfer, checks, or postal money order. We can not except payments in the form of credit cards or paypal because of credit card and paypal requirements given to us.

Sincerely Wally Hostetter