Swords for Sale


All Shining Moon 13 swords are hand crafted using traditional Japanese methods. To ensure your total satisfaction, we will Email you pictures of the blade for your review prior to purchase.

All of our blades come with a 3 day inspection period. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, just return it in the original condition and we will gladly refund your payment.

Sincerely: Wally Hostetter

Itomakitachi $10000

1095 Heat treated to spring steal. $3800

Overall = 38″
Weight under 3lbs

Tanto $2200.00

Copy of original Japanese Tanto featured in Florida Token Kai Newsletter
Temper line on one side looks like Mount Fuji
Single fine leather cord wrap on Tsuka

Tanto $1500.00 each

Both blades pretty much alike, steel 1085V, mountings are identical but are reverse in color.

Tanto $1800.00

Custom tanto, steel is 1050 water quenched, bo-hi on both sides and all furniture of my design included.

Tanto $3200.00

Wakizashi $1500.00 – SOLD

Forged and heat treated, cutting polish, hand made tsuba, cotton ito wrap on tsuka, black saya.

Ko Wakizashi $3800.00

Entire piece done by Wally Hostetter
Blade 1086 Vanadium
Length 12 3/4 ”
All hand made fittings except fuchi and kashira
Custom Saya – togidashi makie (polished out maki)

Spanish Rapier 1095 Spring Steel $3,000

Sold – Little Crow $12,000.00

This is a copy of the original that was made between 7th & 8th century.
It was made as a tachi. It is made out of 1086V, all hand cut bo-hi,
custom furniture, saya and hand made tsuba (tsuba is on tsuba page) with a design of an old bamboo fence with 24K gold vines.


Wakizashi – $1800.00
Prize For The 2015 Taikai

Sword for Sale – $4,500 – SOLD

Sword for sale – $6500.00 – SOLD

For sale – $1800


For More Information, Contact: Wally Hostetter, Sword Maker
At: 386.649.0731 or shiningmoon_13@yahoo.com