About Wally


Wally Hostetter and his wife Donna are true lovers of Japanese culture. Living in the tranquility of rural Florida, they have surrounded themselves with Japanese gardens and bonsai gardens as well as a traditional Japanese Teahouse and Bathhouse. In addition to being a sword maker, Wally restores Japanese antiques like Tansu and any type Japanese lacquerware.


Wally has been collecting swords since 1995, when he first became interested in martial arts. He learned how to forge blades from Don Fogg and Stephen Schwarzer. As nothing more than a hobby he started making swords, doing his own repair work, and was quickly asked by other, to do the same for them. It’s now his full time career, and he loves it!


Wally has worked with Japanese sword lovers and martial arts practitioners worldwide. Some of his local clients include:

Troy Baxley President of the Florida Token Kai

Bob Elder Owner of East Coast Martial Arts Supply

Students and friends of Toyama Batto Jitsu U.S. Federation


Please feel free to contact Wally at 386.649.0731 or shiningmoon_13@yahoo.com