Competition Cutting Swords

Hand crafted, by Wally Hostetter, all swords are custom made from 1095 steel in your desired length and will have the traditional Koshizori shape. The Saya and Tsuka will be made from ho wood. All Saya fittings will be inlayed with horn, lacquered in black, and will have real Same silk or cotton Ito in your choice of color. The fittings will be your choice, have a one piece Habaki and cutting polish and the Hamon line is clearly visible.

Wally does complete cutting tests of all swords to ensure they are properly heat treated and sharpened for the best cut possible.

Wakizashi – prices start at $1,500.00

Katana – prices start at $3,500.00

If you want additional changes made to the swords Koshirae, call Wally Hostetter at: 386.649.0731 or E-mail and we will discuss pricing.