Saya Finishes and Repair


Saya on this line are called Ishime (done in four different colors).

Togidashi Makie

These Saya are what is called Togidashi Makie (polished out lacquer) form of makie in which a design laid upon lacquer is covered by further layers of lacquer which are then partially polished away to reveal the design on an even surface or uneven surface.

Row 4

The technique on the first three pictures of Saya is done by inlaying gold and silver dust in alternating panels in the lacquer.

Row 5

First Saya, this Saya pattern is achieved by lacquering the base allowing it to dry and hand cutting the pattern to represent tree bark. Second Saya, is hand carved asymmetrical radial pattern, then lacquered over.

Row 6

Saya, are cashew lacquer. Yes, I can do kozuka pockets.

Row 7

Kozuka pockets and snake skin pattern.

This next piece was a restoration. The Saya was striped of the old finish and all the fittings removed. Then the new finish applied witch is ground PAUA shell mixed in with the lacquer then polished down. The Tsuka has it’s original leather. But needed to be re lacquered and another Tsuba was fitted to fit with the Seppas and the original Tsuka.

This piece was a bare blade with Habaki. A complete foundation Saya and Tsuka were made and the Saya wrapped with Same Kawa grooved on the upper third. The lower two thirds smooth, then lacquered and polished smooth, then fitted with Horm fittings. The Tsuka was inlayed with the same fittings installed that the customer provided then wrapped with purple silk Ito. The Tsuba was fitted to the blade.

New pictures