Custom Habaki

All Shining Moon 13 Habaki are custom designed and forged copper to enhance the beauty of each individual blade. The Habaki is an integral part of any Japanese sword, and may be custom designed or designed in the shape of the original piece.

In Addition to Providing Traditional Beauty, the Habaki Preforms Three Important Functions:

  • Securing the blade in the wooden scabbard without any pressure being placed on the blade itself.
  • Providing a solid shoulder against which to mount the handle and the guard.
  • Providing a stiffened flex zone across the transition from tang to blade and to decrease the chance of failure in that critical area.

All Shining Moon 13 Habaki are custom made by Sword Maker, Wally Hostetter using his decades of experience. We custom craft both one and two piece Habaki in either gold or silver plate, but do not do use any foil work. To further enhance the beauty of your sword, you may select from our striking Habaki Patterns including: “Cat Scratch,” “Piercings,” “File Work,” Grooves” or “Rain Drop” designs.

Single body Habaki starting price is $175.00
Two piece Habaki starting price is $275.00
Solid silver Habaki starting priceis $350.00

Turn-around time is approximately two weeks.

NOTE: Please do not send fully polished blades for Habaki work, as the blade may become scratched during Habaki installation and would need to be re-polished.

Two piece Habaki