Restoration and Sword Services

Allow Shining Moon 13 to customize your sword. Using traditional methods, design styles and proper standards, we will make any custom change you desire.

Service prices

SEMI-CUSTOM – Wally Special – I start with the new CAS Iberia Practical Katana (an excellent sword for Tamishagiri). I strip the blade of Tsuka, Seppa, Tsuba, and Habaki. Then I replace these with my own custom work. I also customize the Saya, there you have it…a one of a kind work of art Shinken.

Same Gawa – Available in four grades, starting price $60.00

Blade Straightening $55.00

Blades Sharpening $50.00

Tsunagi for Blades, Length determines price

Habaki – Hand forged Starting at $175.00

Two Piece Habaki $275.00 (Patterns, grooves and piercing are extra)

Handmade Seppa Starting at $75.00 pair (Gold or Silver plate, extra)

Handmade Tsuba in wrought iron. Starting at $350.00

Mennuki Fuchi Kashira Starting at $125.00 a pair – Plating for Mennuki, Fuchi, and Kashira can be completed in gold, black, antique silver or multi plated.

– Starting at $475.00
Made for full length swords (Blades up to 28 inches) Different types of finishes are available.
The standard Saya will include; Kojiri, Koiguchi, Kurigata (made of buffalo horn) a smooth or stone finish of most colors on Saya. Saya will be made from Hoki Ne wood.

Shira Saya Prices
Katana – $500
Waki – $350
Tanto – $275

Custom Saya Finishes – Togidashi Makie (polished out maki) form of makie in which a design is laid upon lacquer is covered by further layers of lacquer, which are then partly polished away to reveal the design on an uneven surface. Offered at an extra charge.

Kozuka and Kogai Pocketsinstalled on your Saya $275.00 each

Saya Repairs Call to discuss repair and pricing

Saya for Yari or Naginata Price will vary with size and style of blade

New Tsuka including foundation work $485.00 – Includes new Same wrapped with Tsuka Ito (cotton or silk) any color available, leather and full wrap will be extra.

Tsukamaki $145.00 on all Tsuka standard Menpumaki style wrap. Different levels of repair on old mounts depending on condition of, Shira Saya prices affected by size and style of the Saya

Poles for Pole Arms – will range in price according to length and size of the weapon and required work.

Custom Sword Bags – Hand Sewn by Laura Schwarzer – $50.00 for silk brocade – $85.00 for silk obi material. They are lined with materials for easy in and out. The Fusahimo are $15.00 and are available in many different colors.

Recent restoration work