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Blade Length: 2.8 cm Sori: 0.1 cm Mihaba: 3.2 cm Blade Shape: Hirasori shinogi zukuri Tsuka: 10.2 cm mount is Aikuchi, Temper line: Midare with Nie and Nioi
The steel is 1075.

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Spiral carved saya, leather ito battle wrap, gold plated habaki, gold plated water buffalo menuki

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Custom Order $3,800.00

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Custom Order $4,200.00

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SOLD – $5000.00 Katana, this piece was forged, heat treated, stone polished and mounted by me Wally Hostetter.
spider 24k gold inlay on vines and dots on reverse. Fuchi Kashira: Copper/Silver inlay spider on pine bark.
Note: The fittings are hand made (no castings) This has a two piece habaki.

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SOLD – $6500.00 Katana/Shinkin with two piece habaki, Blade Length: 71.0 cm Sori: 1.0 cm Mihaba: 3.5 cm at base 2.7 cm at Yokote Blade Shape
Kosha Sori: Shinogi Zukuri
Temper Line: Choji Midare Blade steel is 1086V Vanadium Alloy Tsuka: 26.5 cmTsuba: Old Pine tree with Dragon Flies in the moonlight.Fuchi Kashira: Stone pattern Steve Schwarzer and I worked on this together.

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Misc. Works

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